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We work with professionalism, seriousness and innovation

In the summer of 2010 and after a decade of international experience acquired both in contracting companies as in hotels and event agencies, inSuite was born as an innovative option in the market of corporate events in the Canary Islands.

We work with professionalism, seriousness and innovation, and always with the initial idea of the client as a starting point.

In the same way that inSuite is an international name, so are our customers. One of the main values of our team is, in addition to mastering other languages, understanding other cultures and knowing how to adapt to it. Today, inSuite has corporate headquarters both in Gran Canaria and Tenerife; Islands where most of our activity takes place, although we also move to the non-capital islands based on the needs of each project.

Our key principle

For inSuite, the event is not just the end result of a presentation, meeting or convention. It encompasses a whole process from the first contact with the client and the moment in which the initial thinking is outlined, until the strategy is created and its bases and structure are established.

The good result is only the representation of the success of this integral process.

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We take care of the details

We listen and empathize with the client to understand each of their wishes and needs. Every detail counts so that everything goes as the client wishes.

We respect the identity of the client

Colors, music, images, sensations … we strive to respect the corporate identity of the client and adapt each element to their business culture.


We have the best

We are constantly looking for new locations and innovative stagings, with the best and most experienced suppliers of the place where the event is held.

En el verano de 2010 nace inSuite, una opción innovadora en el mercado de eventos corporativos en las Islas Canarias.

Hacemos de cada evento una experiencia única para todos los participantes. Uno de los valores principales de nuestro equipo es, además de dominar otros idiomas, entender otras culturas y saber adaptarnos a ellas.

eventos corporativos en las Islas Canarias

Our services

We plan and manage corporate events, incentive trips, product presentations, congresses and conventions and any other type of event you want to organize.

eventos corporativos en las Islas Canarias

Incentive Reisen

The different scenarios on land and sea are excellent spaces to develop a program specifically designed for you.

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inSuite convenciones Herbalife

Corporate events

We create the logistic environment necessary to achieve the desired objectives.

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inSuite presentacion de productos Fimar


We take care of the details so that the image of the company corresponds to your goals.

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inSuite viaje de incentivo Tourdemice

Exclusive Gruppen

We put at your disposal the most exclusive suppliers of hotels, catering, transfers, etc.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

In inSuite we commune with the philosophy that “a grain does not make a barn, but it helps the partner”. We firmly believe that every small daily action that we carry out from our company and in our own labor relations can help our microenvironment improve and we all develop fully within a framework of sustainability.

The concept of Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) is not new in inSuite, but is a modus operandi inherent to the company since its foundation. Therefore, in our CSC manual we collect the main lines of action of the entity in the following aspects:

Environmental Sustainability

We love our land, so in inSuite we are strongly committed to the environmental sustainability of our islands. We take care of the environment, not only through compliance with the regulations in force in the execution and realization of all our events, but also we look for sustainable ways to reduce the environmental impact through different actions such as the reduction of water and energy consumption , the minimum production of waste and its subsequent recycling, the control of acoustic and light impact, etc.
Our activity is based largely on the beauty of the natural spaces and infrastructure of the Canary Islands, hence our commitment to the protection of the environments where we work. For this, we use awareness as a tool for the groups of tourists with whom we work to understand, through our activities – some created exclusively for that purpose – the importance of respecting and caring for our environment.
Our company is a partner of the Canarian Foundation for Reforestation (FORESTA), a relationship through which we return the wear and tear to the environment. The Canarian Foundation for Reforestation (FORESTA) arises with the objective of rescuing and extending the forest area of ​​the Canary Islands, a social responsibility commitment that inSuite strongly subscribes.

Economic Sustainability

On the other hand, we maintain a close relationship with the local suppliers that we try to involve in our projects, in order to promote the employment and responsible consumption of products from our land. We believe that the use of local suppliers for the organization of our activities not only enriches the agents involved, but also helps to value our product and our work.
In addition, the activities carried out in the programs we organize are adapted to the season of the year in which they take place. In this way, we take advantage of the natural resources of the time and favor the natural development of the Canarian flora and fauna.

Social Sustainability

In inSuite we work to make our events inclusive to the best of our ability. Therefore, we are interested from the outset by the characteristics of our clients before proposing activities or hiring spaces of special characteristics.
Likewise, we believe in young talents, so we establish internship agreements with different national and European universities. In this way, we nourish ourselves with the ideas and innovation that our internship students bring us and we grant them a paid work experience. We all win!

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